Witness is a long-term video project that invites immigrant communities to create autobiographical, story-based portraits. Through a collaborative process, the participants and artist work together on the narrative, filming and audio production. Contributors have control over the content they want to share and have ownership over all subsequent video iterations.


Individual participants have the freedom to tell their own stories, in their own language, and hear the healing power of their recorded testimonies.


Witness will be accessible to local and global audiences through its website, YouTube channel, projection in public gathering spaces, and display in community venues. A video tutorial is being developed and will be available on this website and YouTube so that others may submit their video stories to the curated channel independently. The project serves as a visual and oral history repository of immigrant experiences that will be accessible to immigrant communities, researchers and the general public.


We seek art’s transformative power to humanize immigration issues, challenge misperceptions, and encourage a more personal, nuanced encounter through individual stories. Witness investigates the characteristics of resilience and dignity, power and joy that immigrants draw on to cope with challenging cycles of struggle.


The project affirms individual experiences, heals through the power of testimony, serves as a historical record, and sparks dialog in this pivotal time of national reflection.